An Apology & a Promise

Okay, first off, apologies for my serious amount of slacking in the last few weeks. I have no excuse other than that I discovered sunshine (the real kind, not the British type), and how truly beautiful it is. My afternoons of writing became replaced by swimming and sunbathing. I did attempt to write whilst sunbathing, but it would seem that the heat sapped all of my creative thought. Or, we could just call it laziness. Yeah, I’ve been lazy. My apologies.

The good news is that despite my laziness I managed to start several posts, so in the next month you can be bombarded with all things Italian, including mealtime habits, the best places to see on Lake Garda, and even some idioms and language oddities, including mild profanities (because let’s face it, everyone wants to know how to swear in a foreign language).

Now I’ve said all this, I am obliged to finish the above articles or else retreat in shame from the blogging world. I’ve had enough shameful moments in my life, so I’ll work to make it the first option. Watch this space!

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2 Responses to An Apology & a Promise

  1. lizbert1 says:

    No shame, just living life so you have something to come back to blog about!! And I’m looking for some inspiration for a visit to Lake Garda soon so I’ll look out for your upcoming posts!!


    • sarahjoy says:

      This is true, thank you! And Lake Garda really is such a beautiful place, i’ve been living there for 10 months and can’t recommend it enough. Hopefully i’ll have a post or two up on Lake Garda in the next month đŸ™‚


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