So I now completely understand the age old expression that “life is unpredictable”. Having just read my last post from nine months ago (I know, nine months – let’s just skip the apologies of my lack of writing here and get back on track shall we?), I realise that there is no way I could have predicted the next year of my life…certainly not that I would be returned to my Italian life seven months later. So much for a “closed part of my history”.

If you’re curious, here’s a quick recap of all that I haven’t blogged about:

-I spent September in Berlin on a travel journalism programme by City Travel Review. Berlin was amazing, the work was great, but the programme overpriced and fairly disappointing (I have heard good things about their other programmes however, so maybe I was just unlucky).

-Thinking it was time to be an adult, on my return to England I got a job as an office assistant, which turned out to mean a sales, administration and customer service representative who took most of the responsibility for the office at a lowly wage.

-I heard from my Italian family that unfortunately their current aupair would have to leave early, and would I be interested in coming back – I handed in my notice at my overworked, underpaid office slave job a couple of weeks later and started counting down the days.

-In January I went adventuring with my fellow hiker, traveller and friend to Ireland – three days walking the Giant’s Causeway (stunning, even in the wind and rain), one day in Belfast (somewhere I need to go back to, as I’m convinced I’ve barely touched the surface of this city’s beauty), and two days in Dublin (interesting and exciting place, but honestly not up to the hype – or perhaps I was just too tired after three days trying not to be blown off the Causeway Coast).

-After a month of downtime, blocking the office work from my memory, and doing a few freelance articles (people pay you for writing, why has this not occurred to me before?!), March saw me reunited with my Italian life once more.

…And that just about brings us up to date – the last couple of months have been fairly routine for my Italian life: nannying and spending time with the family, aperitivos, and walks at the lake. Unfortunately a lack of time and money has prevented any travelling, but hopefully I can fix that soon.

In the meanwhile, it’s about time I made use of this blog: let’s say fortnightly posts? As before, I’ll be focusing on Italian destinations, culture, language quirks and tips, aupair life, and, well, anything else that pops into my head and might be relevant!

A presto.

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