A New Idea: Watch this Space

For any of you lovely people who for some reason actively enjoy my writing, you may be aware that my other wordpress page – unwrittenshades – largely consists of book reviews. Yes, I am a bookworm. No surprises there really, with writing and reading generally going hand-in-hand. In my mind there is nothing better than curling up on my sofa with cup of tea (no matter how long I stay abroad, I’m English), a new book, and no outside interruptions.

However, being in Italy has pushed me out of my normal reading cocoon and into the big wide world. There are so many beautiful, tranquil spots that I always take my book along when leaving the house in case the urge strikes to enjoy my two hobbies (travel and reading) together. Lucky for me my boyfriend often shares this urge, so that whenever we visit a new place we always end up searching for a quiet spot to ignore the rest of the world, with the satisfaction that we are still technically being “active”.

This brings me to my idea: why not share the enjoyment of both hobbies with my readers by reviewing my favourite, outdoor reading spots? Of course they will mainly be local to me (the Lake Garda area), but I’ll do my best to search out places a little further from home every now and then, and I can also add a few on my trips to England.

I’m currently working on a title and general layout, so that each post will follow the same theme: there will be a review on the place itself, including any interesting history, followed by why it is why of my chosen reading spots. There may even be photos of me reading if I can talk my boyfriend into being my amateur photographer.

Honestly, I’m pretty excited just for having an excuse to both read and travel more. I’ve already got a few places on my list, so I should get the first post up in the next month.

I hope you enjoy the idea as much as I do!

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