After finishing university I decided to do the increasingly popular gap year, so moved to Lake Garda, Italy, as an aupair for a nine-month contract, and took my chance to practise some travel writing meanwhile.

Though there were a few breaks in between, the ever-so-lucky-me found an incredible host family, a beautiful culture and a not quite so cheesy as the typical Italian boyfriend. Hence, a few years later, I’m still at my Garda home.

This site is a mix of travel reviews, aupairing stories, and Italian language and culture tips.

If you like my writing, you can also see my unwrittenshades page, where I publish anything non-Italy related (mainly book reviews, plus anything that takes my attention).

Also, if you are Italian based (especially Garda / Brescia based) feel free to contact me, I love meeting new people in this area!



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