A Taste of Home

Everyone knows that Italian food is the best in the world; at least, that’s what any Italian will tell you. It’s true that my taste-buds have never been left unsatisfied here, and that nearly everyone Italian household has a passion for cooking that unfortunately you don’t find so much in the pre-prepared, pre-cooked culture of Britain. However, there are some British foods that just aren’t available here, an atrocity considering they should be high up on the compulsory food list. Continue reading

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My Issues with Italy: 5 Whys

After three years here, I’ve got fairly used to Italian life, “la vita Italiana”, even picking up several habits and norms which don’t fit in so well in England (see Signs I’ve Been in Italy too Long). Things which tourists always point out as strange (paying for coffee after drinking it, having shutters but no curtains, rarely having a kettle) now seem completely normal to me. That said, there are still the odd nuances that continue to strike me as so foreign, no matter how many times I confront them – mainly because of their illogicality.

I love you Italy, but there’s a few issues I’d like to bring forward. For instance, why…

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On international dating…

As you may have noticed from brief mentions in previous posts, I’ve finally succumb to the charm and got an Italian boyfriend. I won’t lie that I was a bit uneasy about the idea. There are certain stereotypes about Italian guys that I’m sure we’ve all heard: sleazy mothers’ boys who are very romantic, yes, but are so with several women at the same time.

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On missing Italy…

My recent lack of posts has another excuse: I am not actually in Italy at this time. Why would I leave such a beautiful country, food, host family and boyfriend, you might ask? Well, I was asking myself the same questions within the first week of returning. Continue reading

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Signs I’ve been in Italy too long…

In some ways, I am still exceptionally English. I insist on going outside even when I have a cold, because – despite the Italians fear that a slight breeze will give us all fever – my mother taught me that fresh air is the cure for everything. I jump into the water before it is as warm as the summer air, because my childhood experience of swimming in outdoor water was always a challenge to how long you could stand the cold. And, frustratingly when it comes to social plans in Italy, I prefer my dinner before sunset.

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Italia in Rosa

Though only a small village, in summer Moniga Del Garda becomes a hot-spot for evening entertainment. As well as the several bars serving aperitivo at the picturesque port, the central piazza (really the only piazza – as I said, it’s a small village) hosts several concerts, and even a mid summer beer festival which attracts a huge mix of tourists and locals.

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Read-in Tranquillity: Moniga Del Garda

with Nod, by Adrian Barnes

(review on unwrittenshades)


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