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Trento Christmas Markets

Any Italian will tell you that if you want to see real Christmas markets, you should head north to the mountainous region of Trentino Alto Adige. Having been under Austrian rule until 1919, this area is characterised by its Austrian … Continue reading

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Santa Lucia

Ask any child from the Veneto or Lombardy region what their favourite night of the year is, and it won’t be their birthday, nor Halloween, nor even Christmas Eve, but the night before Santa Lucia. This Christian martyr holds all … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Home

As anyone learning a language will soon learn, there are some things in your native tongue that just do not have a literal translation. This is usually established in an embarrassing social situation as you try to explain the word … Continue reading

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Driving Home for Christmas

I underestimated how strange it would be returning to England and my family. Of course, everyone warns you that it’ll be slightly strange: I had the same experience on my first return from university. Yet this is different. For one … Continue reading

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